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EduFest WA - Intrapreneurship & Innovation In Education Conference
EduFest WA
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Explore the Changing Landscape of Education with EduFest WA.


The education landscape is transforming at a rapid pace. With the fourth industrial revolution changing the way we live, work, and learn, educators are being challenged to prepare their students for a largely unknown future of work that is set to look very different from that experienced by any generation that has come before.

As our world continues to change, education and industry leaders continue to emphasise the importance of skills such as entrepreneurship, innovation, design thinking, and intrapreneurship. Research has shown that these skills are essential for success in the workforce, as well as for navigating an increasingly complex and interconnected world.

Coming to Perth in 2024, EduFest WA will empower West Australian educators to integrate these skills into their teaching practices. The event will help attendees develop a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship in their school communities, fostering a new generation of creative problem solvers and critical thinkers who are ready to tackle the challenges of the future.

Through workshops, seminars, and hands-on activities, EduFest WA attendees will have the chance to learn from industry leaders and experts, as well as collaborate and network with other educators. EduFest WA is a unique opportunity for educators to enhance their knowledge and understanding of intrapreneurship, innovation, design thinking, and entrepreneurship education, enabling them to teach these 21st-century skills with confidence.

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To help curate impactful experiences throughout the EduFest WA program, we have assembled a steering committee of educational innovators. You can find out more about each advisory board member by clicking their graphic. 

EduFest WA - Professional Development Conference For West Australian Educators
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EduFest WA - Our Partners

EduFest is being delivered as a collaborative partnership between the Malka Foundation, Bloom Centre For Youth Innovation, St Catherine’s College, and BOP Industries. To find out more about the organisations powering EduFest, read below:

EduFest WA Powered By The Bloom Centre For Youth Innovation

Bloom Centre For Youth Innovation

Bloom is a youth-led non-profit that has created a community of changemakers, challenging the problems of the world. Bloom aims to create an environment where entrepreneurs and innovators can thrive, innovate and acquire the tools for success.

EduFest WA Powered By Malka Foundation

The Malka Foundation

The Malka Foundation encourages and supports entrepreneurship education, innovation, and leadership in Western Australia. Entrepreneurship stimulates new employment and contributes to the development of a diverse economy, to the growth of our state and brings benefit to the whole community.

EduFest WA Powered By BOP Industries

BOP Industries

BOP Industries is on a mission to inspire our next generation of young innovators. With a suite of learning experiences for students and teachers across the country, the BOP team pride themselves on delivering real, relevant, and relatable learning experiences to prepare young people for the ever-changing future of work.

EduFest WA Powered By St Catherine's College

St Catherine's College

St Catherine's College offers a premium experience and a welcoming home for university students. The College has a thriving academic, social and intellectual culture, including academic support and career readiness program and a full social, sporting and volunteering events calendar.

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