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Explore How We Can Equip Our Students With The Skillsets And Mindsets To Thrive In The Workforce Of The Future!

I​n today’s rapidly evolving world, organisations big and small are being challenged to innovate or risk a blockbuster style demise. With increasing pressure on businesses across every industry to think differently, employers are working hard to cultivate intrapreneurial skills within their teams.

While we often hear headlines about entrepreneurs working to build innovative startups set to change the world, what we’re finding is that there is also a growing population of intrapreneurs in the workforce that are taking an entrepreneurial approach to designing new products, strategies, and ways of working within existing organisations.

Our Building Entrepreneurial Innovators webinar will see a panel of West Australian intrapreneurs coming together to share their experiences in the industry, as well as their advice for educators looking to equip their young people with the intrapreneurial skills required to thrive in our ever changing future of work.

Make sure to watch a recording of the webinar now!

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